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After being level one I am not getting any order

Hello, I am Marjanul. I have been promoted to level one in this month. For being the level one I have completed 20 orders. I usually get orders from both buyer requests and from my gigs too. But after the promotion seems like everything has been stoped. I can not find my gig on rank. My ranked gig has been down. I am not getting any response from buyers even sending buyer requests every day. Is there any solution for this issue? Kindly give me some advice.


Hello marjanul
My gig was indexed on the first page of the targeted keyword and I became level two seller within 3 months and now It has been 2 months, I can’t find my gig, I tired many tips but still I’m not getting any messages and orders If you get any solution please let me know.


Definitely I will let you know if I find any solution. Hope For the best.

Send buyer request, if fiverr does not send over you buyers.
Or you should try to promote your service outside of fiverr, create a facebook page of your service and target your audience by facebook ads. Hope it will help you in getting more clients.


I appreciate and respect your suggestion but my issue is why my gig isn’t getting organic traffic.

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Fiverr give every seller a chance you have got your’s, now you will have to search new things and ideas how to get orders, by sending buyer request and reaching out to those people who have interests in your service.
I am facing the same issue, my main gig is not getting orders organically, I have to send buyer request to get orders.

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Now when and how will I get my chance again :frowning:

Its Not about chance buddy
some of the fiverr guys are on the top from years it’s not about the chance first of all.

If you started receiving less orders then try to create some new gigs do experiments with you gigs which are not working try to connect with you old clients and 100+ more things you can do for that budddy…

Search for it and you will eventually find tons of solution.

Most important thing never lose hope !!!


Get support from fiverr. they can help you

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You could check whether each of your gigs are in the search index by using the option in the helpdesk where you select from the menu something like “I can’t find my gig in the search engine” and it tells you whether it’s there.

Also maybe check the description for the “do seo keyword research…” gig. It doesn’t seem to be displaying the gig description properly there - maybe there’s an issue with that if you entered a description for it.


Thank you. I have checked all my gig with the help-desk menu and all are active. As my gig lost it’s rank i have edited it, may be that’s the reason i am not finding that. Can you give me any idea how can i rank my gig again?

It seems like you’ve fixed the gig description on the “do seo keyword research…” gig so that might help.

I’d keep sending the offers to buyer requests like you’ve been doing but making sure the offers stand out from the rest and are the best you can make them (specifically created for each request).

Also though you’ve put “unlimited revisions” in some of the gig descriptions, it doesn’t seem like any of the packages in the gigs actually have any revisions set up. You could set some free revisions up for some of the gigs (if it’s relevant for those gigs). Basically any gig where you say “unlimited revisions” should have unlimited revisions in the gig set-up or one of the packages (though really I’d recommend against unlimited revisions).

Thank you for your help. I will try to implement your idea about buyer requests.

But in my gig category there have no option about revision set-up. That’s the reason i have mentioned unlimited revision on the description. I think i should change my description.

One more question, if i edit my gig again would my gig rank be affected?

I assume it might be. But if your gig’s rank is low now, there’s probably not much harm in editing it (it might improve the rank). But only edit if you think there’s something to improve in it.

But it might show your gig in different positions to different people. You could check the impressions and other info on the “gigs” page (clicks etc.) as that info might help.

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same here. i hope we have to wait and sending buyer request. then we will get order and again it will be rank

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Thank you for your help.


There’s a good question here, did you get a warning before getting level 1 ? or you never got a warning at all ?

Have you canceled some orders??

I received a warning 6 months ago. But that was before i got any order.

No, i don’t cancel any order.