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After Bidding for a job on BR for $150 (budget of buyer $208), I ended up being $225 richer


This is one of those times I feel so overwhelmed for having used my experience over the past few months to get better on dealing with clients and earning even more.

So the last time I made a post of earning my first $100 once from a single gig - this was in July - My First $100 Job just came in...Super Excited!.

Today, I’ve grown past the $100 level because it’s now a norm for me. I feel so reluctant doing the same very jobs for less $100 these days…

So I got to BR, and I saw a request I knew fully well I could handle (Point 1). Then I sent my irresistible offer (Point 2). One of the things I did was bid so low (Point 3 - I always use this trick), so I could get the buyers attention quickly and get a reply from them.

Yes! Buyer replied and we got talking. I must say that communication is very key when trying to convince a potential buyer into doing business with you (Point 4).

I reiterated the fact that I understood his request (Point 5) and offered to show samples (Point 6).

In no time the first order came in (yes after discussions…I found out my other service could actually come in to help…Point 7). The order was started and I kept on communicating with my client the whole time (Point 8, this is where the most people miss it). The order was done and dusted. The client loved it and gave the golden 5 stars…

The second order was handled my other service which I offer. The order got started and so did I. Along the way, I observed that there was a vital information I had skipped from asking my buyer. I got to him quickly and the new development led to a new order (you might call this upselling…Point 9).

I soon realized my buyer was gaining confidence in me by the back and forth communication process. So I was basically proactive for the most time that I did not let him ask me any questions first without me having to reach out to him first (Point 10).

Now I become sure that I had gained my buyers’ trust. I did not want to have anything come in between both of us so I had to bring in extra-hands to help out (Point 11). Of course, the extra-hands got paid.

I was so conscious of the deadline the whole time and I kinda figured that the remaining time, which was well over 10 hours, would not be enough to finish the job (Point 12). So I reached out to my client to ask for 1 more day. Guess what? He asked me to have all the time I could get so I could get a perfect work for him. I quickly demanded for 2 days instead (Point 13). Yes! I got it and continued my work.

On the final delivery day, I sent client my progress on the job without using the deliver button (Point 14). From experience, using the latter method, clients would always use the request for revision and this had a negative effect most of the time on me (Point 15).

Then I delivered. And I was happy I did.

The client never responded. I wasn’t perturbed by this since I also know from experience and the nature of my buyer’s frequency online, I could tell when they are very busy. (Point 16).

I sent in a simple message to remind him that I’m very much available here until the project got to the final stage where it was to be used (Point 17). Then I rested.

The buyer came in after a few minutes of sending a reminder message and indeed acknowledged the fact that he’s busy for most of the day… and he did reassure me that he’s confident I did a great job…

The next thing I set out to do was to write him, reminding and reassuring him that I’d be here to help him in whatever way I can even after the job has been completed. This was all in the bid to get him to review me…(Point 18).

Guess what? I was still in the middle of composing that message to him when I got the notification of a 5-star review. (Point 19)

Awesome I thought. Then I open the message. Guess what?

I got a $25 tip from my buyer. Holy smoke. I am so overwhelmed even until now… (Point 20). Yes, it’s small but you’ve got to be grateful for the small things to get even bigger ones, right?

I never intended to write this long epistle of my Fiverr experience today but I guess having bid for a job with an initial budget of $208 for $150 and ending up earning $225 (Point 21) has given me enough motivation to do so.

Now, I’m on a new level and things are just getting even sweeter.

What an experience.

  • here is an addition, when a seller bids low to get the buyer’s attention, keep in mind that the bid is a custom offer. When you know the job you are performing costs 100$ and the buyer has quoted a budget of 200$ then you send an offer of 5$ so that it looks irresistible. The buyer can decide to place an order using that bid and refuse to add any other funds since you have quoted you will do it for 5$. Bid wisely.


Thank you @phantompower. From my experience, buyers are more likely to contact me first before placing an order, especially when that’s contained as an instruction in my bid (point 22)




In my own experience, they just place the order and :walking_man: away. I tried the trick of bidding with a cheaper price, when the seller contacted me and I tried increasing the price she quickly walked away. She told me, she had chosen my gig offer because of the low price. I think we should just understand what works for us and stick to it.


Awesome story.
My Congratulations!


It would be very silly for anyone to see a bid with a budget of $200 and bid for $5. I guess you are missing my point already.

It would be very much reasonable to bid for $150 for a client’s budget of $200 when you actually know that it wouldn’t even take you that much to do.

Communication is key when doing this too - gain the buyer’s trust and use the power of the upsell. But do it carefully.



I’m sure you did it wrong.

No buyer likes a seller who bids a particular price and then decides to change it after the responds to you…

When bidding, please bid wisely; understand what the buyer wants - very important. Once the buyer gains your trust, then you are good to go. But don’t overdo things.