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After blocking buyer, sales goes down

Have anyone else noticed this one?

We don’t use that block button very often, but when we have really, really painful experience with some of the buyers, which mention that “we’ll come back” (as if we need such buyers :smile: ) we block them.

BUT, what’s really symptomatic is that one - two days after blocking buyer, SALES GOES DOWN! Yes, it can be coincidence, but it happened too often. Especially this month, when statistics of our GIG’s were surprisingly HIGH and we had lots of orders… until we blocked one buyer. That’s it! 5 days without neither one order. Only one message from buyers and all of the statistics of our GIGs went down.

It happened way too often after blocking buyers sales to go down, so we doubt that it’s coincidence. What do you think? Have anyone else had such experience?

If what we’re saying it’s true, than what’s the purpose to exist such option? :frowning:

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Out of curiosity, why/when do you block them? Because, if it’s after an order is complete, it’s more likely that it’s due to the hidden review, or possibly the action of the buyer blocking you in return.

Well we still don’t know when comes to gig performing analytics its totally depend on the algorithm

Everything is well explained in the GIG description, right? Buyer is sending random files, asking things that we don’t even offer in our GIG. Asking for right files, he ignores our messages, making revisions 5-6 times, because he don’t know what he wants… isn’t it enough reasons to block someone, after mentioning that he’ll be back with more orders? :smiley:

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I rarely block potential buyers except if they are obvious spammers. But recently, I was in a somewhat professional conversation with a buyer who said it was a new TV station and this was a promo for a country. The video was great and I quoted my normal price after actually sending a short sample ( which I never do unless there is an order) The buyer asked what happened to my $5 gig. I explained I haven’t had those prices for some time and I am very busy with my current prices. He said that I should change my ad! This is after sending him a fully produced sample!!! I stated my gig does not say that. He sent me a screen shot of my gig and in Canadian it looks like $5-3 so he assumed it was from $5 to $3 dollars. I am thinking to myself, ‘what kind of legit TV station pays $5 for a promo narration???’ Anyway, I thought I archived the message and hit block instead. My orders stopped and no inquires.

AND… at the same time I think someone blocked me who was the rudest potential buyer I have ever experienced. She sent me a file with a strange woman’s recording and said she wanted it “exactly like this!!!” I am thinking, ok that’s fine…that’s why I’m here to help. I asked her ONE question, “the recording is interesting, can you tell me a bit about the character so I have a reference?” And I didn’t hear back. The next morning she wrote back and said, “so are you going to do the recording or not?” And I said, “ I am so sorry my schedule is now full” She said,”so you are just in a conversation with me? I want to place an order not chat.” And right after that, I got the message that I could not contact her. She definitely beat me to the BLOCK button though! I would have if she didn’t do it first!

Also… at the same time, I added subscriptions and changed some “extra” prices.

Still as of today (about 4 days) no inquires or new orders after being extremely busy for months. I really don’t think it’s that I blocked someone but that she blocked me! However, I don’t know if she did or Fiverr blocked her! Lol

Since I will never know the reason for the abrupt end of orders and messages, I will let it go and set up my new equipment that has been sitting here since Christmas because I have been so busy with orders!

My husband always brings me back to reality and says, “this happens every time… you get worried when you have no orders and then it hits and you are crazy busy! Don’t worry and enjoy the time!” He is totally right!

Thoughts anyone?


I am dealing with a sales slump too. That being said, I always block people that insult me, ask for cancellations even if the work was already delivered or which purposefully share a bad rating, even if the work was done to their expectations. I don’t think Fiverr’s algorithm takes blocking into consideration. It would be dumb if it does, because you don’t have any control over who insults you, who manipulates the system to make you work more and so on. What you have control is over your orders, when you deliver, what you cancel, and even in the case of cancellations there are times you can’t control everything.

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Yep, it happened once again. I’m pretty sure Fiverr’s algorithm is taking blocking into consideration. 100%!

This month started pretty well, with orders almost every day.

Than we had buyer who was constantly asking for revision by asking us to deliver the video on their e-mail, which is against TOS. It was new buyer, so he didn’t know how delivery was working. We’ve explained to him 10 times. It was really frustrating.

He ordered Basic GIG and we’ve suggested if he wants, he can update his GIG by placing additional extra, depending on his needs. He said, I don’t need. Finally the order was completed.

After 3 days, he contacted again, asking to add his web address to his video. We’ve explained that GIG was completed and because of that we don’t keep project files longer than 3 days. So we needed to make it once again. Plus, we’ve offered to update his order at the first place.
So, he started to treating that he’ll ask his bank to cancel the invoice of the order. And that just filled up the glass all the way and we’ve blocked him.
4-5 days since then, no more orders! :slight_smile:

So, I’m pretty sure, 100% that Fiverr’s algorithm is taking blocking into consideration.

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