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After blocking buyer, sales goes down

Have anyone else noticed this one?

We don’t use that block button very often, but when we have really, really painful experience with some of the buyers, which mention that “we’ll come back” (as if we need such buyers :smile: ) we block them.

BUT, what’s really symptomatic is that one - two days after blocking buyer, SALES GOES DOWN! Yes, it can be coincidence, but it happened too often. Especially this month, when statistics of our GIG’s were surprisingly HIGH and we had lots of orders… until we blocked one buyer. That’s it! 5 days without neither one order. Only one message from buyers and all of the statistics of our GIGs went down.

It happened way too often after blocking buyers sales to go down, so we doubt that it’s coincidence. What do you think? Have anyone else had such experience?

If what we’re saying it’s true, than what’s the purpose to exist such option? :frowning:

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Out of curiosity, why/when do you block them? Because, if it’s after an order is complete, it’s more likely that it’s due to the hidden review, or possibly the action of the buyer blocking you in return.

Well we still don’t know when comes to gig performing analytics its totally depend on the algorithm

Everything is well explained in the GIG description, right? Buyer is sending random files, asking things that we don’t even offer in our GIG. Asking for right files, he ignores our messages, making revisions 5-6 times, because he don’t know what he wants… isn’t it enough reasons to block someone, after mentioning that he’ll be back with more orders? :smiley:

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