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After canceling the job client still using my theme and website what should I do?

Hello there,
Hope you are doing great!
A few of my clients after canceling the job still using my theme and website what should I do?
Already I knock with Fiverr CS, but they reply me they have nothing to do.
Please gimme any better suggestion.


Unfortunately, there probably isn’t much you can do. If you own the copyright to the theme, and can prove it, you would have legal recourse against the end user. But this is probably going to be expensive for you to pursue legally. What they’re doing is wrong, but it would be down to you to try and get them to stop.

You need to ask yourself; do you have the time and/or money to do this? If not, unfortunately, I would suggest leaving it.

I think the issue is more to do with the cancellation in the first place. How did this come about? Did the client ask you to cancel? Did Customer Support cancel on your behalf?


They stole from you that’s the long and short of it.
I’m getting tired of hearing stories like this


After delivering the work into clients’ server they come to me and open a dispute for cancellation. and I don’t like to burgeon with my client so I accept the cancellation after a few conversations.


Why did they ask you to cancel, especially after it sounds like you’d completed the work?

Honestly, your main protection against this in the future will be refusing to cancel for work you’ve completed.


This is the reason for not cancelling the orders you completed successfully.

You should not cancel an order which clients didn’t like. Only do this if you couldn’t fulfill the original order requirement.

Dont be afraid of getting a negative review.


Inform fiverr support regarding this
They will contact the buyer and will tell them to take down the site or they will be liable to legal action
This is clearly mentioned in fiverr policies as I remember

That a buyer cannot use the work unless they pay for it fully
And if they still choose to use it legal action can be taken against them

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As I always say (I am getting a bit tired also) business is not just “hard work” like some people believe. Success is NOT related to just “hard work”. Being successful in your business (you are an entrepreneur) is more than that. You should know how to handle that situations, how to deal with thieves, how to take legal action, or demand your rights. You should know how to contact their hosting company and ask them to take down the site due to copyright infringement. Also, you have a lot of tools at your disposal to defend your rights. Use Google.

This may be the last time I write about the same thing again: nor Fiverr, nor forum users, will help you defend your rights, you must do it. The worse thing you can do is to accept the scam, because you are not only hurting yourself, but also the entire marketplace, as you are attracting here more scammers who will try to take advantage of you. There are forums talking right now on how to get free work on Fiverr, did you know?

If your theme is genuine yours, you have the copyright of it. If you bought the theme from Envato-Themeforest or other theme provider, then you are probably breaching their agreement and you can’t do anything. In any case, agreeing to cancel a delivered work is something that lowers your reputation/stats, hurt your economy and encourage others to do the same. Don’t do it, fight for your rights.

Totally agree.


Please do a search in this forum. There are several posts explaining how to properly provide this type of service.

If you have multiple clients doing this then the problem is on your side.

Customer support will not help you. Nobody will reckon with you here. The customer is always 100% right. I did the work. One week after order completion. The man asked for free to make alterations. Customer support on their own without warning canceled the order already completed and returned the money. I made the order is for free. The client is right in any way. You will have to get used to.


If you have experienced this problem on multiple occasions, you definitely need to start refusing to cancel. It is possible that the same person is targeting you from multiple accounts, because they now know you will let them of the hook.

If buyers who have done this to you ate still active on Fiverr, I would recommend contacting CS. Provide proof that your work is being used online without your consent. Then ask permission from CS to contact the websites and web hosts hosting your work and demand its removal.

If you are being targeted by a rogue buyer who has found a way to get work FOC, they are likely a re-seller. Once you expose their tactics to their end buyers (the people using your work) you effectively demolish their business.

If CS denies you permission to contact people using non-paid for work, start including a message with your deliveries. Specifically, one which asks buyers to politely remember that they may not use any delivered work in an order is cancelled. If they do, you will be forced to send DCMA takedown requests to businesses and web hosts using your work. Apologize for having to remind buyers of this but state that this is necessary due to 3 takedown requests you have pending.

The above should terrify any buyer attempting to get work FOC. Just remember to wear your best poker face. :slight_smile:


I totally know how you feel, I had a similar situation like this that happened and definitely felt robbed! Hang in there!

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Anyone please tell me, “what’s the best way to deliver a complete project to client server, after accept my job or ratting review?”

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You need to contact CS and tell them the whole story with evidence. Fiverr CS will take this up and will make sure you get paid.

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