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After Cancelling One Order No Order Yet

Last Few Days ago, my client cancel an order contact with the support, he purchased my gig premium without any contact with me, After order me, he messages me I want to cancel the order and then he contacts support without any contact me, I messaged you more time he was online but don’t reply me, after 4/5 days I saw a notifications, their shows me Fiverr support center cancel your order, then 10 days gone no new knock and new order yet. Otherwise, per day I got 4/5 new clients to knock and per day I got one order…

But Today message me again and told me that he wants to order me again, Please some give me advice, tip and tricks What can I do now?


Give him one chance, especially if you are desperate for orders right know. If he tries to cancel again, block him.

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Thanks for you response i will try to do this

I agree with @kilianotte you should give him/her a second chance.
After all, he/she cancelled for a reason you don’t know.
Maybe it was a good one and cancellation like you experienced won’t happen again.

Nevertheless, if indeed he or she repeats the same attitude, I would suggest you contact CS and talk to them about this situation.
Sellers as Fiverr don’t want to have bad attitudes on this platform.
We all wish to work with professionals that keep their words.

Good luck.
Don’t worry orders will come back to you again soon.
Hope it helped.

Don’t give up–I had to do this too. But when I received two orders(kinda together–different sellers same time) I was overjoyed.

@ankanghosh955 thanks for you response

@kilianotte @sandrineisen for your response I just gave him a second chance

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Thanks for having kept us updated.
I wish you all the best.

thank you much for responding

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Cancelling orders affect your gig performance. Please provide the real details that provide from your gig. Treat buyers very friendly.

well cancelling an order affects for gig rankings , cancellation rate is taken into consideration for the ranking algo in fiverr. so that means you gig is going down in the list so the buyers will not see your gig. try approaches like sharing the gig etc.will result in good gig performance

@climox hey thanks for yout comment

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@ridtech thank you so much for your advice