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After changing tags gig has disappeared

i have recently edited my gig and changed its tags but now i am not able to find my gig with new tags as well as with the old tags,. anyone to guide me here ??

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Give it a couple of days - it often takes a while for them to reappear in the search. :slightly_smiling_face:

i was trying to boost the rate of order coz i was not getting orders ,… can you guide me any method i keep sharing my gig ,… but still not getting orders

Useless and ineffective. You should share your gigs among your target audience. Your Facebook friends never buy your gigs. (I mean 99%)

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Have a look here:

Your logo gig only has one image - this is where you can showcase your skills - you can add another 2 images and then a further 2 as pdf files if you want - wow your visitors! :sunny:

where i can buy my target audince /

ok i will act on your advise. thanks dear and one more thing is there no option of boosting gig i mean if i can pay for views and clicks on my gig

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No, there is no way to be able to do that I’m afraid.

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