After come back 403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules


After 3 months i come back at Fiverr from serious sick.
I have face a problem, when i click fiverr menu button like Buyer Request, Gigs, Order etc then sometimes itls show a message like:
403 Forbidden
Request forbidden by administrative rules.
It’s doesn’t show for always or all click but sometimes or some click it show like that.
Is that any serious issue?


Sorry to hear about your health issues.

Are you using Chrome? FF? (try a different browser)


@nikavoice Yaaap. I am using chrome browser. For that’s why shows this?


I use Fiverr via Chrome. I sometimes run into this issue, however a simple refresh of the page works!


Same thing happening with me. But sometimes refresh doesn’t work. It’s need to do clear browser cashe that’s why I am on big trouble.


Feeling nice to see you again here.:heart_eyes:
Clean your brower and pc cache with a better software, restart your pc then check. Hope it will fix your problem if not then I think you have to contact to the fiverr authority.


Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I am trying to do this.