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After complete delivery thumbnail does not show in my gig, why/

I get the order, But the delivery item does not show on the gig thumbnail. help please


Check and found that your client did not submit his or her requirement which you want for start your work.


she texts me but did not submit the requirement. so now how can I fix this problem

You can’t. Buyer has right not to show their order on your profile.


ok thanks for contributing

As @marinapomorac mentioned that’s because the buyer unchecked the box that allows you to include their order to be shown in your live portfolio. What I always do when I deliver a product I’d want to show up in my portfolio is simply ask the buyer if they are okay with it. When I deliver their order I thank them for their purchase etc and include a request along the lines of ‘would you be okay with allowing me to include your order in my portfolio’. I also make sure to let them know it’s okay if they don’t want to, because it’s their choice in the end.

So next time you can try asking friendly & politely if they will check the box to show their order. And of course completely respect their decision if they choose not to!