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After Complete the order buyer doesn't give me payment

Recently i did a work and after complete the job i delivered it.Buyer ordered me 20 November .But now he does not reply me and no payment.In this time what can i do .
Please tell me .

Was there an open order which you delivered the work to? That’s what it sounds like to me. If that’s the case, the order will automatically complete after three days, even if the buyer never responds, and then the money from that order will take an additional fourteen days to clear (often it takes fifteen days).

If there wasn’t an open order which you delivered the work to, then you are probably out of luck. If this is the case, use it as an opportunity to remind yourself never to do work until a buyer has actually placed and started an order.

Thanks for comment.I offered him a custom order then he accept it and all is ok .Also i delivered within i am waiting for 3 days to go …
thanks dear

It means he already paid you. After 3-4 days order will be marked as “completed” and you will get paid. Then after 14 days you will be able to withdraw the amount or can do whatever you want to! :slight_smile:

The others have answered you, but I need to ask you not to post on the same topic in multiple forum categories. Your other post on the same topic in FAQ has been removed. This one really doesn’t belong in Tips for Buyers and will be moved to Conversations. Good luck with your gigs, however!

Thanks for advise .it’s a mistake …

agreed. this answer is correct.

agreed. this answer is correct. after order gig that means buyer paid you need to wait 14 days when fund is cleared then you can withdrawal

Nice, Discussiion, but will the seller be able to get your work without the fiver watermarks if he will not complete his order?

You’re responding 4 years later.

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