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After completed work.why moslty buyer don't give review

Any 1 know, Why moslty buyer don’t give reviews. Bcz reviews increase our ranking but mostly buyer don’t give . Why :frowning:

even i message ,but no response. :frowning:

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQ.


Its not automatic or something that every Buyer does.

  • Some don’t know how to leave feedback
  • Some don’t know they can leave feedback
  • Some didn’t like your work and are too nice to say anything
  • Some are too busy to leave feedback
  • Some just don’t care
  • Some will leave feedback 6 or 8 months later

    Best way to get (good) feedback is to communicate effectively with Buyers in a timely manner, over deliver your service and be totally professional and understanding.

Actualy m providing my service perfectly on time. But i see moslty don’t give feedback. and just message me .

But may be they are busy .

Thanks for give me reply @voiceoverwork