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After Completing 6 orders, not getting any order now

Hello Fiverr forum members!
I’ve been facing a problem that I have completed 6 orders and got 5 good reviews, but not getting any order now. I can’t understand what problem is there. Did anyone face this problem, or only me? I’d love to hear from experienced.

Thank you.


Well, maybe customers do not feel they can trust you as your Facebook gig offers “1M ORGANIC FACEBOOK PROMOTION” for $10.

That is just not possible.

I will also direct you to the Community Standards, which I think you will benefit from reading:


Thanks for your reply. I just promote to 1M people by Facebook organically. And I give worked proof by google sheet. On the other hand, I’m receiving custom offer on buyer expectation. However, I will be more careful about my next gig. And Thanks again for sharing this valuable link.

Same to me… :disappointed_relieved:

You got 6 orders, you should be happy about it and keep working.

Try to find where you can improve, and see if you can change the gig, make it more perfect.

Just don’t stop working :100:

Thanks for reply with your experience.

Thanks for your valuable advise.