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After completing 90% job done buyer forcing to communicate out fiverr


A buyer was messaged me about 7 days ago .He wanted to design a website for him.I have started it two days ago… I have completed the work about 90%.Now today he is telling me to share give him my email or whatsapp number . I am telling him that I can not share .I can not break the fiverr rules .But he is not listening .He is telling that He can explain/if his account got suspended he will knock me . I have told that your account will not suspend until you do anything wrong .I am strict on that I will not share .


I have decided that I will not share though I need to cancel the order because I do not want to get any warnings :sunglasses: .
Is there any solution to fix that or Cancellation is the last option?


I am feeling headache for this … Now I am not replying …:yum:
I will wait and send him message later .May be he will understand later Or cancel it …Need suggestion what can I do ?


If you have completed most of the work, finish it and deliver the order. Contact Support and send them screenshots of the buyer’s attempt to force you to use outside contact so they are aware of the issue. Tell them that you are completing and delivering the work and that you just want them to be aware that the buyer is attempting to break the rules.

I would stop responding to the buyer after delivery if at all possible. Hopefully, you have not offered unlimited revisions or anything like that. This is a prime example of why revisions should never be unlimited and it is sometimes best not to guarantee any free revisions.


Thanks for the suggestion :grinning: . …He wanted to do some changes on his website for that he is telling me to communicate outside .I have told him to discuss in inbox or take screenshot and send me what kind of changes he want .But he is not agree . And I am thinking if I send the delivery and he mark that as partial then I will get violation warning … Or I will not get ?


Get there first!!
The first to report has placed himself in a psychological vantage position.
So, if you haven’t broken any rule, report to cs …


I haven’t broken. And I am worry about that if I report and if his account get suspended that order will be cancelled .


Finish it and deliver it fast as you can. Tell him all discussions will be done on fiverr and that is all you are going to say about that.


I have finished it almost … Now he is telling that he need some modification and he can not explain in inbox.And I am telling that I will face problem for that .He is not listening …


Deliver it and tell him he can have a revision after the delivery is completed.

Tell him you are not going to discuss doing anything outside of fiverr but get it delivered.


The big mistake is I have set the revision unlimited :cry:


Well then tell him he can have revisions after delivery and deliver it. Don’t cancel it.


Ok… I am just checking that he is online or not when He is online I am going offline so that he do not tell me for share details …As he told he is mad now for that I am thinking to wait for tomorrow if on his morning I will send him message When his mind will be fresh… May be he will understand. Otherwise I will deliver …Your idea is good also …If I send delivery and if he send for revision he need to add the modification what he want … Yes this is good idea:grinning::grinning:


Why keep messaging him? Just deliver the order. Then go offline. Or tell him you will answer him tomorrow.

You are letting this guy scare you. Take control of him!


Yeah that is also good…Thanks for the advice …:grinning:


You are the boss not him. You decide how you handle things not him. He must follow your rules. He must be the one who does it your way, because you are the expert not him. It’s your business. Take charge. Do not let the buyer scare you.


You are right .But he has the power of giving bad reviews…


Well then always be extremely polite but firm. You can be super nice to him just don’t let him push you around.


Got it . Thanks for the motivational post … Really appreciated.