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After completing my vacation mode, when will active my gig?


I want to know your valuable information.



Any time you can lift the vacation mode from fiverr.


It can take a few days until your gigs come back up in search.


hi king_of_kings , thanks for your reply. will i pause my gig or turn on vacation mode ? what is your suggestion ?


If you are going on vacation mode definitely turn on vacation mode…
Where your customers will see you are on vacation ! pausing gig sound crazy…


thanks for your valuable information


Turn on vacation mode. Pausing gigs can cause more problems when you re-activate. Sometimes it takes a week or two for your gigs to reappear early in the searches after vacation mode but I was really busy the week after my last vacation so I shouldn’t worry about it.


thanks capitalquality for your reply. one more thing suppose if i turn on vacation mode today then after 24 hours later when i leave vacation mode then when will active my gig and will my gig appears on the same search result i mean my gig in the first page ?


I never go on vacation, it can mess with your gig rankings


For some people your gig goes back in rank, for some it goes back higher or lower, for some it does not go back unless you contact CS and wait. It does seem to matter how long you use it. The longer you are away, the less chance it will be easy to return.


But see, you say that but the last time I went on vacation was the longest - almost 2 months - and I got orders as soon as I came off vacation, and from new buyers.

I was confused.