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After completing the order and giving Five Star, he is asking for a refund from me

I finished my job a long time ago and delivered it. Now he’s working again. He’s redesigned. He doesn’t like it. Now I’ve done what I wanted that day. Now he’s made an excuse that I’m working there. He wants a refund from me. Now I don’t know what to do. The order is complete, and he gave me a five-star rating. A long time ago, what can I do now? Experienced people, help me.


If your Gig says “unlimited revisions” you are stuck with it.

Good luck.


You can ask him to place another order and tell him that you already provided what was promised,
His time to request revision has already been over and now he has to buy new gig to create any new design !

Also tell him that you don’t have a control over refund, in case he keep sending you messages and keep disturbing you block him or report him to to fiverr !

  • Full Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed otherwise Money back
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Support 24/7.

Suggest you remove the above from your gig/s.


Tell them the order is complete. Proceed to block them.

You will receive more orders, don’t worry.

Pls remove the unlimited revisions part.

Some buyers have the gall to bully people for someone’s naivete.

It is best that you follow @lloydsolutions advice because:

The buyer may go to Customer service and point this part of your gig description out, and CS will refund their money. Many times sellers have had this very thing happen.

Sellers who have:

Also, sellers have been asked for revisions months later, and CS has told the seller they must honor revision requests. Some sellers ended up agreeing to make the revisions, but their buyers kept asking for more and more revisions, and the sellers finally gave up and agreed to cancel the order.


If you offer the moon and the stars, better have a spaceship on stand-by.


That is just heartbreaking!

Sadly, there are such buyers. Some seek to steal the work. Others are genuinely not happy with the work provided.

That is why we always tell buyers to limit the number of revisions and not offer a 100% money back guarantee! Doing so is asking for trouble as it ties the hands of CS when a buyer points out these offers.

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I have a question, though. It bugs me quite a lot. I have asked the same from my close circles and their response is always money-oriented or maybe I am wrong. I would like some insight on my perspective.

A asks B to design a manual. They communicate their brand colours and approve a design (after 7+ drafts). They have a picture in their mind that they hoped to achieve and B achieves that perfectly. A thinks its 7-stars worthy.

After a week, A goes through it and it does not feel right. Like how someone thinks their house would look after a certain colour, but it does not, after the entire makeover.

As A already has spent a good amount, should B feel guilty and tweak it according to A’s expectations? Or it’s just B finding it hard to say no.

If I were B and A had used up all of their revisions, I would charge a fee for any added revisions. I would worry that if I did the work for free the order could start down the endless revision path. Maybe the buyer would once again have buyer remorse and want to make a change.

At least if CS looked at the order they would see that B asked for a fee for the revision and was willing to do it.

Orders where the buyer has buyer remorse can end up in a loop of A tries to cancel and B says no. All CS does it this case is to keep telling both A and B to work it out between them because they cannot make the buyer accept the order and they cannot make the seller accept the cancellation.

With cancellation orders like I just described the one who perseveres generally wins. I know our own @misscrystal said once she had to press the reject the revision button 75 times before the buyer gave up!


Unlimited revisions has always been interpreted differently by different sellers and buyer on forum,

Everything has an expiry date so the revisions, When buyer marked order as completed and accept that the service has been provided as promised they close the whole contract - A gig and both releases each other from all the obligations ! ( unless seller did not provided promised service )

I am sure anybody or fiverr does not support exploitation in anyway and if unlimited revisions are interpreted as REVISING DELIVERY Life long that is exploitation !

Fiverr FAQ states
“If you choose to set unlimited revisions, it’s your responsibility to revise the Gig until the buyer is satisfied.” - It says REVISE THE GIG

but at the same time it says,
" Keep in mind that revisions must be requested within three days of the delivery or the order will be automatically marked as Completed."

So when there is no contract - there is no liabilities ! ( As I said when services was provided as promised)

Otherwise buyer would keep coming at different time with same order and will keep asking for the revisions as his need changes.

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Thank you Suraj and Vickie for your feedback. Makes a lot of sense.