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After Completing the requirement for "TOP Rated" Seller, Why i don't get the Level?


My name is Hridoy Ahmed…
One of my friends completes the Fiverr requirement for a “top-rated” seller… but on date 15 he doesn’t get Top rated beach? Now my question is why he doesn’t get the Fiverr batch?

Thank You


It is chosen manually by Fiverr. You do not get the badge just because you fulfill the minimum requirements.

This could have also been answered by using the search function in the top right corner.


It is manually selected. Fiverr might have had a look into your chat logs etc… and thought that you are not qualified.

The quality of work, how you chat with customers etc…


Please, wait for it. Fiverr community checking your id manually.

Ooo! Thank you for your information :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ooo! Thank You for your information :+1: