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After creating a fiverr account from my Job Computer ; when I leave the job and if after some days new employee at that office make another fiverr account from that computer what will be happened?


Hi! every one I am a new Fiverr account holder.
I have come here for a clarification that:

  1. Unfortunately I have created this account from my office computer. I have also a sell of an Asp .Net multi-tenant pos basic architecture through this account.
    Now reading some of the forum FAQ I am in a little bit confusion that; If I left the job and I will continuing using this account from my own computer; in the mean while after leaving the job if next employee to me in my office signup or sign in to his/her fiverr Id by the same computer; will it arise a security problem for my ID Closure?
  2. There are near to 100 computer connected by same router/switch. If now another of my colleague signup/sign in in his own id with different computer but the same network will it be a cause for my/my colleague account suspension?


Sorry dear i have no idea about this and i also want to know about this…


In theory, a person isn’t allowed to have two accounts selling the same services from the same digital location. That means if one of your colleagues signs up to Fiverr and offers the same Gigs as you, both accounts could be in jeopardy. While two different people operate the accounts, Fiverr won’t know that.

It’s probably best to contact Customer Support now to alert them to your situation. They’ll work with you to make sure your account stays safe. At the very least, they’ll make a note of your situation.

The above advice may seem a little drastic, but there have been some sad stories on the forum of late. I wouldn’t take any chances.


I’ve always wonder about this topic when it gets raised. I use my account on computers and networks all over. I have random IP addresses. Never does it match where I signed up. I would think if most of the connections for multiple accounts come from the same IP it might raise a concern. So if you leave the job and now use it from someplace else, I don’t see an issue.


First of all congratulations on coming to best freelancer site fiverr.As per fiverr policy it does not allow same person to have multiple account here. If You are individual and selling your service which is unique then there is no problem even the computer is same and IP is same. Fiverr robots are intelligent enough to distinguish the person.I think your colegue is not using your account credentials for his account and work. So no need to worry.
I myself doing professional Photoshop work and my wife does data entry using same computer. We are not having any problem. As both accounts credentials and gigs are different.We talk to our clients at our work time.These things I am telling you from my own experience.Some days ago one person tried to contact me regarding other freelance site and shared the link. Fiverr robots automatically detect that and block that conversation.
Fiverr is the safest place to work on.If you are honest and doing nothing wrong no need to worry. Customer support is there always for your help.