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After delievering on time you get late delievery when Buyer request For Modifiaction


I delievered my order on time and there were some Hours remaining in delievery.After 2 days the buyer requested for modification And We all know that fiver gives you extra 24 hours to deliever the modification But In my case When buyer requested for modification It show’s

What to do now as It requires me extra i day to get the modification Done.


I’ve contacted Fiverr Customer Support about this issue. I asked that does it effect profile ratings and their answer was no! Yeah, it doesn’t effect your profile ratings. No need to worry!! :slight_smile:


You can send a dispute to your buyer to extend delivery time. :slight_smile:


You could always send a dispute to extend the delivery time to accommodate the modification =)


Yeah, that’s weird! It should just say PAUSED or on HOLD when a modification is requested. As there is no time limit to submit the modification, it can stay there for a year if you’d like it to. So LATE is a bit misleading.


I think that’s some kind of a Bug.


I did Once and He accepted the request as well.But he again asked for modification after sometime and that’s when It display’s “LATE”.


I did Once But After some days He again asked for modification.That’s when it dispaly’s “LATE”.


Yup It should be Something like that…


yeah…it’s real bug. whoever are saying about dispute for extend delivery time at modification of any buyer job. if you do then you’ll receive negative rating from buyer :wink:


No, it’s not a bug. If it shows LATE after asking modification then it’s a bug at all. Don’t worry about it. It will not effect your ratings as long as you deliver the first work in time :slight_smile: