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After delivered buyer cancel the order

Hello, Hope everything is well. I work fiverr in domain research niche. Some days ago I got a new order for atlast 1yr old domain buying and made a custom order for buyer.

I give him the domains on his epik account and make a delivery on fiverr. But after getting the domains he didnt accept my delivery instantly. Maybe he was busy. My delivery was automatic confirmed in 3 days. But in 4th days after delivery buyer says he wanna cancel the order. My reply was its not possible sir I already delivered you the products. If my service have any issue tell me I can solve that for you. But he didnt tell me anything.

Now I got a mail from fiverr regarding order was cancel. Also checked in Fiverr is shows order was cancel. I dont know How a people can cancel his order after delivery. I think only Fiverr can do that. If Fiverr cancel the order then I wanna know why they cancel this order??

Is fiverr support team only for buyer? We seller are nothing? This scammer buyer made this platform worst. Please solve the issue asap. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks!

Domain transfer mail from epik

Order page

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If your buyer is not on Fiverr anymore, it could be a credit card charge back.

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He is on Fiverr. I can see he is online now but he didnt reply my messages

I think, you should drop it. Because Fiverr always respond every clients.

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I invest to buy his domain. If I drop it will be my lose

You can contact on support otherwise has no any option. I think, support team will not response to you.


Its like sellers are nothing for them?

I have an experience that’s why I think it. If you don’t believe in me. Then contact on support.


I cant find any way to contact with CS

Flow the link:

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i visit the forums once every few days and it’s extremely sad to read these stories everytime. A buyer trying to scam someone is understandable. The kind of treatment Fiverr Support gives sellers is deplorable. Buyers are aware of this and they so easily scam us and runaway while Fiverr does nothing

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Fiverr support make us sad every time. I invest my own money to buy this domain as I am a student 50 USD is much for me and this scammer buyer just contact with CC and CC cancel this order If they look the conversation between us then they can find out where is problem but they didn’t. I am thinking about don’t continue in this platform if they didnt solve this problem.

Yes bro you are right @freelancer_arah

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Thanks bro. I made a request. They said they will do a investment within 10 business days. But problem is if my buyer get back the amount they how to pay fiverr to me!!

If you are lucky man then you can solve from Fiverr otherwise your request is not solve.

It’s automated reply and nowadays level 2 seller and top rated get solutions from CS for their any issues, others just send message and start waiting but no solution even in 10 days.

I have this question. Did you “give” the domains to the buyer or sell them to him?

Question 2: Since he canceled does that make the domains yours? If so can you sell them? I imagine that will be a hassle or maybe a long wait depending if they would be attractive to someone.
Or is this issue all related to the service (gig) end of this matter? Or both.

I am new to Fiverr and don’t know how long after contacting Support regarding this issue they say they will get back to you. Having been a customer and on the customer service side of things (not here) I say follow up if you don’t hear from them by that stated “time” . And follow up again. Customer Service are people too not just a Big Corporation. Their queue can and probably are Full and Overflowing.

It’s very much like standing in line at the grocery store. You can’t see how many carts are in front of you or how full they are so you don’t know how long its going to take the cashier to complete the transaction.

Simply be persistent …and polite.
Good luck (you make your own sometimes)

they’re useless I am waiting for them for 10 days to fix my problem and no reply so far

Yes, This happens , as I also faced something like that once. I felt very demotivated for this type of cause , as the buyer got the product in free and all my hard work and time wasted, But what to do, there’s no solution so keep moving on, don’t worry you’ll get lots of cooperative and genuine buyer soon, and Fiverr support must take a step about this kinds of harassments .
There should be like once the order marked as completed no one can cancel it.