After delivered order buyer dont want to pay


before order i show buyer a demo. and he said its good and he is going to order. then i deliver order as working list. but after work delivered buyer says he is not happy and need more and more work. and he moved all work from his website to another website. now he cheat and dont want to pay me. what can i do now ?? please help someone. i have all conversation and my work prove in print screen. please help please anyone help. im a hard worker. last 5 hours i worked for a buyer and now i cant get my payment from him.

please help. please help. please help. please help. please help. please help.


Hey Bud,

A lot of new members get taken advantage of on here. My advice is this. If you believe you did good work and it was worth the price you charged, send Customer Service a ticket with everything you said attached. Take your time in writing it out and explain everything. Also. It will take Customer Service a little bit of time to get in touch with you…Sometimes more than 10 Days, but…THEY WILL GET BACK TO YOU. If your in the right, you usually have nothing to worry about.



thanks for your quick reply bro. im so upset. in my country its 4.34am now. whole night i work for the cheating buyer. but now he cancel and said bed work :frowning: take look my all work. i work for so little cost. even i work free with some buyer. coz they said they work for a non profit organization. so that i work and everytime i modify there work with no cost. but what now ? some jark cheat with me. work whole night without sleep and after work he moved everything and said bad bad work. you can see my work in attachment file. i created 17 pages and input all content 1 by 1 … and he gave me pdf file … i convert all content in jpg and then cut and resize all image and input all content in 17 pages. and add menus with those 17 pages links.


Hello there,

I’m sorry to hear about that.

First of all here’s something you might consider doing next time.

Always watermark your work if you are giving a demo to a potential customer.

Its the right time that you contact Fiverr CS here :

and see what they have to say about your situation.

I really hope that things work out with you.

Peace and love to you.

Fiverr Customer Support


Reply to @thejeffcallaway: 100% correct, and worded way better than what I was going to say. :slight_smile: Even those of us that have been around a while run into this from time-to-time. As long as you always play by-the-book, you’ll find those “questionable” accounts tend to disappear pretty quickly.

The only thing I’d ad to this is:

Make sure you don’t “over-provide.” I know, this sounds strange, but you have to weigh the value of your work/time against how much you are willing to risk losing. This is different for every single seller. You didn’t specify how much you charged, but as you are a new user, I assume it was $5. Only provide as much work as you are willing to lose if the gig money is lost. Many new sellers try to beat the competition by providing way more work than their counterparts. This is food for scam artists, that’s what they look for. As a new Fiverr seller, you are limited, accept it and provide limited service. If you do well at that, you will absolutely make level 1 and 2 and you can grow and offer big services.

As Laozi put it: “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


It sounds like you may have done the work prior to having the buyer purchase a gig. It is great to have a customer contact you in advance to make sure everything is clear, but it is always the best practice to not actually do any work until the buyer places the order. Unfortunately, that is an easy way to spend lots of time and not get paid for it at all.

When I have a customer ask me for a sample of my work, I typically send a small sample that I pre-created and I use an image-based sample with a faint watermark on it that marks it as a sample only. If they won’t proceed based on that, I will usually decline the job before they even order.

Good luck!


please check conversation. is there anything wrong i DONE??

before order i clear buyer what can i do and what would be the cost … then he ordered.

but after order delivered … he didnt mark completed … then i ask him … he said bad bad work … and he is not happy and reply with more and more work and modification.

in this time he moved all work to another site i think so. and want to cancel all delivered order.

see my work prove above. i submit a ticket in support already.