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After delivered the buyer wants to cancel the order


I’ve delivered the buyer order then he requested for modification. I’ve also delivered the modified file. Now he wants to cancel the order and request for money back. What should I do please suggest.


The client has got the file, asking for money back and attempting to give a worst review. Does the freelancer totally helpless ?:disappointed_relieved:


A cancellation without a legitimate reason is just silly. Probe for specific details to give you an opportunity to rectify the situation.


After getting the revisions he just said, “I’m not satisfied and would like to get my money back”.


Politely ask your buyer to share the reason. Sheesh, how can you fix the problem without knowing what it is. Tell him you would be more than happy to fix the issue. How much is the gig worth, if you don’t mind me asking? Do you want to cancel or not?


Actually from the first delivery I was expecting this request of money back as it seemed to me that he will try to get the work on free. It was template of logo animation for $10 only. What is the best to do for me which will not take an affect on my review, can you suggest me please ? Thanks.


The cancellation (no matter how you slice the :pie:) will affect your stats.

Do you think you did a quality job? If so, then stand firm, accept the negative.

If you’re afraid of a negative, then cancel.


If you don’t cancel the buyer will most likely punish you with a negative review.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to run your Fiverr business, do what’s best for you!


You could tell him that it’s been created exactly as shown in the gig info video (if it has) and exactly as described in the gig. If it has, I don’t think he has the right (according to the terms of service) to cancel (eg. just because he doesn’t like it). The gig info video will have shown how it would look (though probably at reduced quality/resolution). If he leaves a bad review you could comment that it was delivered as shown in the gig info preview and as described. You could also ask how he would like it changed (eg. maybe logo scaled/repositioned or other things changed?).


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve already disputed it as It seemed to me that he is trying to get it for free.