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After delivering my gig, gig is still not paid and buyer has not responded yet


hi, I don’t know what to do this is my first sale in fiverr, the buyer ordered 5 gig from me and delivered them already, he was responding from the moment I’m still working on it but then after I delivered his order… he has not responded just as quick as he is responding before… so the gigs he ordered are still not paid and but I sent him what he ordered already… should I worry about this? or just wait a little longer? Advice guys?


The buyer pays when ordering, after gig is reviewed (or 3 days after delivery if buyer does not review) the payment goes into pending mode (see your sales page), 14 days after that the payment will become available in your fiverr balance and you can withdraw it. For more on the subject check the basic seller faqs

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Oh is this how this works? XD I have no idea… So this means after three days without the buyers review the gig will still be paid? Well then I hope somehow he gives some feedback about it… Thanks a lot.


If you visit the customer support page, you’ll find many brief articles there explaining how the site works. You can click the blue words here, or click “help” at the bottom of every page on the Fiverr site. Also, the forum has a search engine, the box is in the upper right corner. Questions such as this have been asked and answered many, many times.