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After delivering order how can we know about response from buyer

i want know that how can we know about the response
of our delivered order?

You can find that out, along with everything else a seller needs here:

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The buyer will be providing you with feedback on three different parameters on a scale of 5.Providing ratings is solely dependent on the buyer and sometimes they even don’t care.You can simply check by asking them politely to review the work done.

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What kind of response are you looking for? Many buyers will not respond. There is no need to get a response from them.

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after finished the job
i want to know about the feed back response?

Do you mean the review? Or you want them to tell you what they think? Many will not want to spend time messaging you with that. After you deliver the job is done and often there is no further contact nor any need for it.

yes,but how can i know about it

Why do you want to know about it? They can leave a review, or you can say when you deliver something like Please let me know how you like what you got.

i want to about the rating?

They can leave a review and you can read it. You can say something like
A review will be appreciated.

how can i know about the money delivered in my account?

Take a look at the site, at your earnings. Just look around and you can see it.

Have you not looked at the site at all? It is best if you simply look around and you will find it.

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ok i am try to do this

Note: you have an active order with client
why this message show to me
i already delivered the job

what is meant by this?

on a gig i mention the time 24 hour
within 17 hour i delivered the order according to his need

Becuase you’re trying to message the buyer while you’ve got an active gig. It’s not marked as ‘complete’ until the buyer accepts it or 3 days after the seller delivers.

Please - read the link I gave you above - it’ll save you a lot of hassle!

my goodness what should i do know?

You don’t need to do anything - you’ve done your bit!

Read what she told you to read.

Don’t send more than one message to a buyer after you deliver an order also.

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