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After delivering order image is not displayed in GIG PORTFOLIO

i deliver the order to buyers and set the portfolio sample image but it is not displayed in gig portfolio?Anyone can tell me why it is happening or how to solve this problem…
thank you

It is up to the buyer whether they want the sample to display in your portfolio. If a delivered graphic is not displaying in your portfolio, then it is likely that the buyer didn’t want their work shown to your buyers here in Fiverr.

@jonbaas thank can i convince buyer or ask them to allow it?.because if people see gig and they see our work they were likely to be attracted …

If you’re delivering JPG’s or PNG, the file should display unless the buyer deletes it. There is one exception. Some seller will show the buyer the work before they deliver the order. Then if the buyer likes it, they click the deliver button and deliver nothing.

My advice? Just deliver the order with the jpg or png, don’t wait for a buyer to respond. They can demand a modification if they don’t like what they got.

Just ask them. :slight_smile: