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After Delivery, are you hearing back from buyers?

There are times I deliver a gig and don’t heart back from clients, but I have delivered 3 gigs in a row and have not heard back or got a rating on any of the gigs. For me, that is unusual and was wondering if anyone else was having the same issue.

I hope fiverr notification system is working and notifying clients that their gig is ready for pickup after delivery. But now I’m wondering if it is working ok. After 3 deliveries in a row and I hear nothing back from a buyer it is unusual.

When I first started, there were cases where I deliver the gig, they give me nice feedback and comments, but not rate me. I guess they think it’s enough to give a nice comment, and no further steps are necessary? I don’t blame them if they are not aware of how important the rates are to us sellers. What I did was I sent them messages thanking them for the nice comment, and quickly explain how the rating is important to us ( but trying not to sound too pushy), and ask them if they can rate me when they are not busy.

In most cases they were nice and gave me a rating later on. Maybe you can try it too?

Eh, that’s unusual to you? Most buyers seem to not leave feedback from what I can see from sellers(and my own personal experience). I seen some sellers with over 80+ orders in queue, check a week later. Down to 10 in Queue and only about 5 to 8 new feedbacks. I have had buyers leave feedback years later. Even had one continue a conversation I had with them two years ago like it was just yesterday…