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After Delivery What Can I Do?

What can I do when a buyer is silent after an order? No Reply from the buyer. He no takes action. What can I do now?
Please Help anybody


Sometime buyers didn’t response after delivery, you have done your work, if the buyer do not contact you, do not pressurize them to do.


if you delivered the order, then the buyer has three days or so to respond or the order is auto completed


As @hinajehan said, there really is nothing to do at this point! Unless your buyer comes back with needed revisions, you have fulfilled your side of the order. Some buyers never speak to the seller again after the delivery is made. Of course I find this odd…but pressuring someone to respond is only going to irritate the buyer, and in a worse case scenario, make a buyer leave you a bad review out of spite.

I wouldn’t worry! This is fairly common, and I would stick to focusing on your other orders/gaining new orders.


You don’t need to worry client will respond under 3 days or order will be marked completed automatically…

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Thanks for reply. Helpful comment

Thanks for reply. Helpful comment.

Thanks for comment.
2 buyers cheat with me yesterday. Still disappointing.

Then give payment?
Thank you for reply.

Fiverr already takes the payment from the buyer, when order completed fiverr release the payment.

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Very true, my client never responded again so i went offline, after a day it was paid. No need to worry on this issue again.