After delivery, what's the time for revison


After I deliver the work and a client asks for a revision does the timer reset to the original delivery time or does it continue exactly where it stopped when I delivered?

This is for the revision that is included with the gig. Not the one one the extras where you can add +time.

I’m just wondering since I’ve done revisions before but never actually checked the timer.

Apologies if my title sucks :stuck_out_tongue:



If you deliver before the deadline, and your buyer asks for a revision, then the clock goes on thicking until getting to your deadline (deadline = stipulated delivery time).
If your buyer asks you for more revisions, after the deadline, you just have 24 hours to fulfill all of them (that means you don’t get 24h for each revision asked after the delivery time), failing to do so will mark your order as “late”.


So let me get this right. The clock stops after I deliver and starts ticking again if the buyer asks for a revision?
Or for a 24hr delivery it will be 24hrs from the time the buyer places the order no matter if there’s a revision?

What if the client takes too long to respond?






Contact your client in a professional way to explain the deadlines, without putting him/her into pressure.