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After edit my gig is not appearing in the search result

6 Days ago i was edit one of my gig. After edit the gig now it’s already passed 6 days and yet the gig is not appearing in the search result. i was contact the CS but they told me that my gig is ok. anybody here can help me how can i solve this problem. (my gig was in the first page and it have 522 reviews)


yes, and I facing this problem, I update my gig description and photo so the gig doesn’t appear.
and I have the other problem when I update the SEO title and doing save, the changes not appear in the URL.
I’m waiting for after the Maintenance process I hope that issues to be solved


Thank you for your for tell me this info, hope it will solve soon.


I have exactly the same problem after i edited one my my gigs ! I am online and i search my gig based on the tags that i used and it does not show up! It only shows if i search exatly by my username.
Does anyone know if its a websites issue? It really bugs me.

TIP: I am suggest you that if the edit/update is not necessary in really then do not change them.

Ok so i also thought that editing /updating a gig has to do witth this but i think it did not happen before and it is not ok anyway.

After creating your gig for the first time you can’t change URL, it’s permanent.

thanks for this information, :slight_smile:
so why Fiverr include the “remove” word under the SEO title! now I have the gig title different with URL so what you are a suggestion for this issue?

re-lunch the gig ?

make sure that your gig is active. please check in gig section so that you get idea…if it is under review…use your own created photo…it will help and it also works for me.

If you haven’t any review on your gig then I recommend you to create new gig and keep URL and title the same.

i was changed only my design concept number it was 5 and i made it 2 that’s it.

Why you are putting concept number on the title you can put it on the pricing package.