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After editing gig impression,views are 0


4 days left but my gig is not appearing on search. Please help me.


We cannot help your gig show up in the Fiverr search. If you have concerns about something not working the way it should, please contact Customer Support. They are the only people who can help you with this issue.


Thanks a lot. I will contact them and pray for me.


Try to use approperiate keywords and make the gig stylish…also use SEO service to be appear in search result…if not work then tell the customer support first try these also…I hope you will get good results…Thanks


Please don’t ask me to pray for you. ME praying for you is not going to make YOU successful.


i will try my best to make my gig stylish. thanks for your valuable information.


How to use use SEO service?


There are many sellers who are offering that service…Try them