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After Few Edit, I'm out on keyword search!

I made some few changes on the gig description, and when I checked my gig on search it has gone down on the list.

My conclusion is that editing your gig few times will drag your gig down on search list, and had to wait fews days or months to get back on track…


Fiverr is changing algorithm often. So you can hope it will be on the rank soon.


Sure. I do believe so…

No, any time you edit a gig, it is taken from the ranking so Fiverr can vet your changes.

We’ve discussed this many times. Maybe read to learn how things work before giving advice on something you don’t understand.

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Yes. She told right :+1: :+1:

Please do not be too hard…

I’m not here to advice any one, I just shared my view and that is what I have written.
You have repeated the same thing what I just written above… please… :rofl:

I just check you on forum and I find your too much trying to be on fiverr side. lol

@fajjudesign thanks for the tip!! Much appreciated! I hope your gig search analytics go back up soon :+1: :+1:

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Thank you… Katherinebell1

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