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After few month i have no oeder

how was my order please check for my gig

Unfortunately, none of your services linked above are unique. There are, in fact, thousands of other sellers here on Fiverr trying to hire them to do the same exact things. What do you think you could do to stand out from those thousands of other competitors?

What do you think would make your services unique?


thank you very much sir

You didn’t answer any of my questions. I can’t help you if you aren’t going to think for yourself on how to approach your gigs, and treat them like a business. I didn’t respond just to give you attention. You asked for help… I trying to help you.

What do YOU think could make your services unique?


sir how was my 1st order for my gig

He doesn’t have access to your order and you still haven’t answered his question.

Why ask for help if you aren’t going to take it?