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After First order I didn't get any other order

I got my first order 1 months back and I succesfully delivered the work and got a five star rating. But after that I didn’t get any sales. What should I do ? Please help


A month passed after the first order and only then i received the next one. It takes time for someone to become interested. Just be patient and advertise your gigs on social networks

Keep on advertising your Gigs on social media. and try to serach for latest tag line that come in the higher ranks of Gig searcching.
some time it takes time to get order but you will get soon. don’t worry.:slightly_smiling_face:

Just give it time orders will come… Almost everyone started in the same way too

You don’t “get” orders, you EARN them by being the best seller for a certain task. What have you been doing to reach out to your target customers and earn their business?

Be Patient :grinning: