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After first order I have zero sale why?

I am a graphic designer and have 4 years of experience of Photoshop When I started I received my first order in 10 days and have 5 stars from buyer but after that order I have no sale why?

You’re not the only graphic designer here, there are many. Your gigs also need portfolio more portfolio samples. 1 is not enough. Fiverr lets you have up to 3.

fiverr is big marketplace having 2 million gigs. Competition is very tough between sellers, Keep waiting and trying, hope you will become successful soon.

Read this discussion: Before you post “How can I get sales? Please help!” Try reading this first. It might help. MIGHT.

  1. Publish gigs
  2. Keep on promoting gigs
  3. Keep an eye on analytics, gig impressions etc. (If a down in impression is faced, consider updating keywords, description etc)
  4. Sit back and just wait wait and wait.
  5. When you’d get new order, deliver as quickly as you can to get your gig in recommended section. (useful for new sellers)
    Best of luck.

As fastcopywriter pointed out, the marketplace is way too saturated with graphic designers. Try optimizing your tags if you are not getting any sales at all.