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After Fiverr New updates I m not getting orders

Due to decreased the Level, I m not getting orders.
currently i have low level so did not getting any single order since 3 months.

Support said losing a level has no effect on search positions, and I don’t see why a buyer wouldn’t pick a level 1 seller if it’s a good gig. Perhaps you removed a gig extra that was selling good?

Have you even checked if your gig is listed still if browsing it’s category?

I understand why you might think this, but there are sellers who have continued to succeed at level 0 and 1. Even if they have a dip in sales, they get enough orders to wait out the 60 days or so and level back up.

I glanced at your profile and you have a couple of negative reviews right on your main page, so my guess would be that it could be the bad reviews combined with the demotion. You might have to use Buyer Requests or outside promotions to get a few orders and push those reviews lower on the page. That will also help you level back up. A stuck point doesn’t have to be forever, but there is no one who can fix it except you.


dear fonthaunt, there is only 1 negative review, not couple of reviews.

Technically true, one is a 1 star with a mention of “trash.” The other I was referring to isn’t technically negative since it’s over 3 stars, but it draws the eye since it’s low and the buyer didn’t seem entirely satisfied.

My point wasn’t whether the reviews were a set number of stars, but that those two reviews are so visible on your page that they might affect a potential buyer. If you can get some orders to push those reviews out of site a bit, I think it would help you. You can take the advice or leave it, it was just a suggestion.