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After frequent attempts I found no work on Fiverr yet

It is a sorrow story of mine that after many attempts and frequent endeavours I found no work on Fiverr yet. I opted to work on Fiverr not only to earn money but to prove my capacity and capability of providing great upright services to Clients, but to no avail yet. However I have not lost hope, and keeping up in pursuit of getting first push on Fiverr.

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If you look on your profile, 3 of the main gig images with text get cut off so it can’t be read properly. If you make them around 1.619:1 aspect ratio they won’t get cropped as much.

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Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion and I will surely follow them to redress my profile further.

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Joining Fiverr does NOT guarantee you will find work.

I have been here for almost five years and I get maybe 2 or 3 jobs a month.

I use Fiverr just as a source of part-time work.

Good for you to not let the lack of work get you down.

It takes time to get established as a freelancer.


This is truth. Thanks for your advice!

You are right and I simply do not take it as having stream of work once I entered into Fiverr. However I am getting bit amazed to receive no response from buyers at all even after sending my proposal. I do not copy paste the proposal, for every offer I write a proposal explaining my skills and the form of services I can provide them relevant to their offer. I used to give them thorough insight about how I take their offer with proper understanding of the product they require. I have passed Fiverr’s English language test securing 9/10 score. The thing I feel is something essential apart from these endeavours of mine is missing. I am in quest of looking into such missing element in my gig or proposal or profile. As I am a new seller thus my profile is lying unrated so far… may be this is the reason that I am lacking from getting first push on Fiverr… if anything else please guide me being an experienced freelancer on Fiverr so that I may follow those guidelines to set myself in this arena…

Grateful to hear from you about it.

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