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After getting 1 Star Rating Review

Almost one month before I got 1-star rating on my Email Marketing gig but after getting the rating I just got few orders on my Email Marketing gig and one order has been cancelled from My Other gig. after happing all these things My gigs dropped from their positions but I am trying to de-rank them by doing social media marketing. also I did a lof of Social Media marketing still my gigs are not back to first position. Can you suggest me what should I do? I saw someone is saying if you get 1 star rating then you will not alow to get single order within 60 days. is that true?

No, It is not true, I got 1 star on an order 1 month ago and have done 10 orders after that and my category is 3D product design which has very few buyers compared to categories like logo design. So, I think you should edit your gigs and add really high quality gig images, put better description and keep editing your gigs often.

Also try the buyers request section until you get regular buyers again.

You got a few orders already!

They are my regular clients. Issues is I am not getting new clients massage and I lost my gig position.

Thank you so much but I I am really failed to de-rank my gig