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After getting delivery buyer cancelled the project fiverr provided refund

Today one of my client on fiverr msg me that he is getting issues with the website script i delivered to him before 2 months, he was getting issues as he made changes from his side, I checked the same it was working at my side, then he told me that he will file dispute and he did it, fiverr support without checking anything canceled the project and initiated the refund, which is totally unacceptable. I wasn’t expecting this worst experience of fiverr.

I want my my money back which is worked for the projects.

hope I will get some solution

Are you sure CS refunded the amount and it wasn’t a paypal chargeback? Its highly unlikely for CS to cancel an order 2 months after delivery of the project. Please check your email. Usually you get an email after a paypal chargeback.

If it is a paypal chargeback, CS will most probably reimburse you when you get in touch with them.

If CS cancelled the order. Please get in touch with them. Explain everything in a short and polite message. Tell them what happened and hopefully they’ll help you out.

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When I check the status its showing cancelled, and the money refunded to Client. That’s it. I haven’t received any mail yet. But I mailed to team fiverr because this is totally wrong to do that. Someone take delivery and cancelled the order take money and gone.

Is the buyer’s Fiverr profile still active? If it says that it can’t be found, then he did a chargeback most likely and you can’t get your money back if that happened unless customer support decides that, but even then they would email right away.

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Buyer’s profile is still visible to me just I can’t message him now. Please let me know what I can do now, it’s hard earned money, not for scammers like him. Please help.

Thanks in advance

Hello. Same happened to me. I just met with an incident that makes me reconsider freelancing on Fiverr. A person named Karrideo ordered a project from me on 13 October. I started working on 14. As for the information, he told me just this. Here are my questions followed by his answers:

"Please tell me the storyline of your video

Hi, you can be very creative - please a Story just inside a apartment and in a office - please dont show outside shots from Houses. please no crime - it´s for Familys :wink:

Please describe some shot you want to be made just as you say (if any)

Please bring in 10-20 % of the scenes this Logo build from Lego Stones in the game play/ background :wink: Thank you! If me and my team likes your work, we plan more of it with you. Thank you, Christian"

When I asked him to describe more, he told me to make anything inside an apartment and an office. I asked him again, and he said he trusts me and I could make anything. I worked on it for 9 days. He chose 10 day delivery, but asked me to deliver it in 5 days. I worked day and night to do that. When I delivered, he said he didn’t like it and requested a revision. I asked him what he wanted, and he said he doesn’t have time to be my idea maker! What does that even mean? He cannot tell me what he wants and then does not like what I delivered! I animated more and delivered the revised work. He again said he did not LIKE that! I was deeply shaken! He sent me an order cancellation but I told him that I have to get something for the work I did, for 9 full days! He does not reply and even when he did, he didn’t tell me what he wanted! Now I am getting a message that customer support cancelled his order! It is clearly not fair. I did my job and sent him a clip to review BEFORE delivering. He said it looked good! I could not send everything, because then he would already have the clips and could cancel the order! Now too, he has the work, but he cancelled his order! I am grief stricken as this is my fist experience on Fiverr so bad! Please help me. He cannot just do this! I did my job, and did exactly what he wanted! The order was $75. I want that money, my hard earned money, my rightful earnings and an action against the buyer. I hope Fiverr takes action against him and gives my money back