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After getting Level 2 Badge Order not coming

After getting Level 2 batch I am not getting order. Where is the problem ? My best gig going number 6 page maybe that’s why I am not getting any order. So I have some question.

  1. My view, impression, click day by day decreasing.
    How can i improve it ?

  2. My most favorite gig now stay at page 6
    How can i get back it Number 1 page ?

Can I contact fiverr contact support for my issues ?

Please if you know this question answer please give me solution please.

Best Regards
Dolar Sharma

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From what I can tell, Fiverr was going you more exposure as a level one seller. Most level two sellers have to rely on recurring clients, find their own clients by advertising, or just wait it out.

Going through a dry patch myself.


Promote your gigs. After promoting your view, impression and click will be increase.

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No, impressions will NOT increase because of off-site promotional efforts. Please learn how Fiverr works before trying to provide other users with tips or advice.


Please give me a proper guideline what i need to doing right now ? I know you can give me a proper suggestions.

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The majority of buyers think that the level one badge is the top.

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I am Level TWO seller. I don’t know what they are thinking.

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Is there any data or poll that shows that?

Since level 2 allows more active gigs than level 1, maybe the OP could see whether doing that could help (eg. adding another active gig if there’s another service that the OP could do that would be profitable).

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I’m not going to do that, because you can read plenty of advice on your own, by taking the time to explore the Fiverr forum. You are responsible for your own success, and there are already plenty of resources available to you to learn from. I recommend exploring the extensive help and support section linked at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.


There’s no data, the logic says that "the majority of people have an average level of IQ."

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If a poll was set up on this forum I’m guessing buyers (or sellers that are also buyers) would mostly vote that level 2 was higher than level 1 (if they properly fill in the poll).

Though I don’t know whether some people might think the poll was insulting if one was set up even if it wasn’t meant to be.

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The majority of buyers don’t use the forum or buyer help center page. So they using many mental processes to know what seller level is best.

What I think though is that if there’s no data or poll/survey results (whether on the Fiverr forum or any other site) saying most Fiverr buyers think level 1 is the higher than level 2, we just don’t know that for a fact and it’s just guessing really.

Also when a specific level was asked for in the buyer requests it never seemed like they thought level 1 was the top/nearly top level.

It’s probably just Fiverr’s algorithm that’s not ranking/promoting the OP’s gigs as much as they previously did rather than less users clicking on it due to it now being level 2. Maybe looking at impressions & clicks could give an idea if less people are now clicking on it now that it’s level 2 (looking at any change in the ratio of clicks to impressions).


you can share your gig in social to grow impression.

I’m okay with you in that idea.

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