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After getting negative reviews


Hi friends,
I am level two seller on fiverr. But last month i got contineous four negatives reviews and my sales got down. That was my top selling gig. I am not getting order now, do you have any suggetion? Should i hsve to make another gig of same type? Thankyou


The lowest review score you have is 3 stars, the rest are 5 stars, so what are you talking about?


Hello mariyach,

When you get a negative review you have to improve your communication and also send the buyer good work,
when buyer give a negative review when they didn’t like the services or when they didn’t get a perfect work as they want so always send the perfect work and main things was communication in every platform



Communicate with buyers and ask them whats wrong with the service you provide, request them to give another chance to improve your service and give them the best work. Keep up the good work and be positive always. Don’t lose your Hope.


but over all rating is decreased by 100% to 98%, thats why i was worried.
before that i daily used to received messages from new buyers, now one message in a whole week… something is wrong



you have to maintain the rating between 5 to 4.5, if you get a more negative review you are in trouble because your rating was going was down and and your gig was not visible to buyer so keep provide a good work and keep happy your client, and communicate your buyer, if you can use that things you never received negative review and you get a more sales.