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After getting the works buyer cant's accept and want to cancel the order

My buyer gives me a task about cyberops related question answers. The question-answer is in google. Now she didn’t accept my work and after than, she gave me solve some lab problems last night I have solved all of the problems till now she is disputing and want to cancel her order. Now I want to claim against the buyer. How can I claim her?


If you are confident that you have done the work as per asking, do contact with Fiverr Customer support with all the proofs.

Yes, I am confident. Can you please give me the instruction, how may I contact customer support?

Send a compile email in here

That sounds like homework.

source: Integrity and Authenticity - Fiverr's Community Standards


yes that was her university assignment

Yes, that’s absolutely against the TOS here on Fiverr - if you pursue it, you’ll be putting your account in danger. Accept the cancellation and realize you made an expensive mistake - learn from it.

1.) Don’t work off-platform. It’s very rare, other than in coding-type scenarios, that you need to work off Fiverr. Always deliver your work as a file on this site - when you do your work off site, Fiverr has no way of verifying if you’ve done the work or not - it’s a he-said / she-said type of thing.

2.) Never work on homework, lab problems, essays, or tests. This is illegal in many places worldwide and is definitely not allowed here, according to the rules you agreed to when you signed up.


If you are confident that you have done the work as per asking, do contact with Fiverr Customer support with all the proofs. :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

Nope. Wrong approach. They did something they weren’t supposed to and they’ll be basically bringing CS attention to it. They’re 100% not going to get any money for this, right or not, because it breaks TOS to begin with.


Just cancel the order. Doing school assignments seems to be really big nono in TOS. Just 3 days ago someone got banned and written his problem in forum. He was just doing 3d cad models too, pretty innocent guy


Hi Just suppose what will happen if in case The buyer will not inform you that this work is related to university project or something similar … is that in that case also going to Break the fiverr TOS …?

Really, we are aspect that grow up our work skill for buyer satisfaction, that will be a right way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If it’s not blatant, you can’t be expected to be psychic, no. But answering lab questions, particularly off-site? That’s a dead giveaway. If the instructions mention "class, " "assignment, " etc - it’s going to be pretty clear. Most of us have been to school and know what assignments look like.

Fiverr wording specifies anything “academic,” if I remember correctly. That includes college entrance essays, tests, reports, etc.


Thank you so much for sharing the details I am new seller it will help me thank u thank you so much!!!

Basically, if it’s a “maybe”, treat it as a “definitely.” It’s very hard to get in trouble here if you’re honest about things and approach things ethically. It’s not worth risking your livelihood because some kid’s too lazy to do their uni homework :wink:

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