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After Gig Edit, Its not displaying on Keyword Search

After Gig Edit, It was not displaying on Keyword Search yet. Almost two days went. Still I dont see on search page.

Someone please help me to assist for the issue.



Keep waiting @windows_space
After contact fiverr cs

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Dont know what happend, Let me wait for this Whole Week again and have to see.

the same problem facing me

How long before you edited your gig?. Not sure what will be the period to get back again in search results.

Wait 24 hours and see if it starts showing again.

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On Google seen some peoples to do change Keyword, Description, etc etc… Went with multiple edits like editing again and again. Still its not visible from past 2 days… Let me wait some more time.

Yeah, it can take from minutes to years before it shows up again. According to support, it’s not a bug, but intended, even if it takes several years. So most support people won’t help with making it visible again, but some do that don’t give a pre-created answer. So don’t give up! :slight_smile:

What it will take? Years??? Are you kidding?

Yes. I know a seller who’s gig was hidden for a couple of years after editing it, and suddenly was made visible again after all that time. They did send many tickets to support over that time, but they couldn’t offer any help apparently.

Noted with thanks… Let see…