After gig orders!


Hello Fiverr Family.

I am level 2 seller and complete more 100 orders in 2 month but from more then two weeks i did not get any order.But my GIG is available 24 hours in relevance page.
I also add video in my GIG but there is not response from buyers.
Kindly guide me about this issue.


Your last review on this gig is 3 days ago.


Its from old client.


[quote=“ahmedghumro, post:1, topic:108685”] I
also add video in my GIG but there is not response from buyers.

Is there a way to tell if anyone has watched your video?

Just wondering because I skip all gigs with videos - I absolutely hate them, except for gigs on VO, actor and gigs on video.


I’m also not a big fan of gig videos. Does anyone know if there is actually any proof that they are supposed to help sales? All I know is that my own sales significantly increased after taking down my (admittedly poorly made) video. :laughing:


I think it’s strange that there are actually video & VO gigs without videos. Then there are many other gigs with it.

I don’t like it because I can’t see the gig. I have to hit play twice then wait for it to play similar videos that I’ve seen many times already and it’s boring.

I intentionally skip all gigs with the big video icon and go to the one without - I prefer the LIVE portfolio.


Redd: So today, thanks for joining us. This is a great topic for you. We are talking all about Gig videos, the importance of having them, how to create them, what the best situation is for Gig videos. So I know for me a Gig video is really important because as a voiceover artist, it’s really good for clients to be able to hear samples of my work. So I have Gig videos on my two main Gigs and I have basically a recording of me explaining a little bit about myself and what I do and then I have a bunch of samples. Now for me I have it with a static image but I know Adam you appear in some of your Gig videos, don’t you?

Adam: Yeah, I appear in a couple of my Gig videos and I also go kind of down the route of doing a portfolio of kind of sample works similar to you. One thing I often think about when creating a Gig video is I always imagine if I was watching television and an advertisement came on the screen and if that advertisement was just text on the screen for 30 seconds that I had to read, would that captivate me as much as watching an actual advertisement or understand an advertisement.

That can become a transition into looking at Fiverr and thinking, “Looking at the Fiver profile, what is going to captivate my audience more than reading text on the screen or some kind of engaging video?” So I don’t – I’m not a massive fan of appearing on video myself but it was that kind of – a thought process behind that that prompted me to kind of take that leap and decide to do it.

Redd: So what about you Barbara? I mean obviously you’re a video person. It’s mostly what you do. Did you always have – when you were doing your voiceover Gigs as opposed to your video Gigs, did you always have yourself presenting on camera?

Barbara: Well, I started off with video Gigs in the first place and then I kind of transitioned into the voiceover Gig. But in my voiceover Gig, I felt that it was more appropriate just the way that you’re doing it where you display your samples and you have a static image because again it depends on the type of Gig that you’re offering. In this case, if it’s a voiceover, your buyers are going to want to hear your voice. But as far as my Gig videos, I obviously had to do something about it.

When I first started, I was kind of hesitant of doing a Gig video or doing Gig videos – not Gig videos. Doing video Gigs at all because I’m quite the shy person. So it took a little bit of that like “oomph” before I actually got into this whole spokesperson video thing.

But for me, it works perfectly because I get to do my own video. I work with the lighting and the camera. I do my editing, et cetera, et cetera. But there are other people out there, other sellers who they have to find how to do them. So there comes the question. If you’re a seller that is selling something like an ebook or translations or some other type of creative service and you just – you can’t find it in you to do your own Gig video, what do you do? That’s the question that often pops up. So I don’t know what you guys think. What do you guys usually tell people when they ask around?


My buyers do not add my designs to portfolio.:frowning:


the obvious thing to do is remove the video & see if your orders changed. If it’s not a good video it may be doing you more harm than good.


Video didn’t do any good to me either, may be I am bad in front of camera… :wink:


Nope, that’s not it. I think it depends on the gig you are offering.

I mean you’ll see some sellers with voice over gig with no video - uh, that’s one place where (audio) video is mandatory!

Too bad there isn’t a counter of some sort to keep track of how often someone plays your video. It would at least give you some sense of how popular videos are in other areas and what type of videos work.