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After How Many Days Buyer Can Have A Refund?

Fiverr Family I need to know after how many days of order completion a buyer can have a refund as if we take an example a buyer had an order with me the order got completed buyer marked that order as complete with a 5-star review so how many days to have a refund even after an order completion?
also how many days a buyer has to cancel the order even if the order is marked as completed?


There is no definitive answer as there have been posts from sellers stating buyers requested refunds months after gig delivery. Would be nice if fiverr had a safe guard of some kind in place to keep buyers from coming back months if not years later requesting refunds for completed work.

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there must be a rule regarding order cancellation or refund i think so that the buyer will be able to cancel or ask for a refund till the order is going on after giving a review he will be no more able to ask/request for a cancellation and refund

After giving 5 star review and the buyer was also very happy with the work, but after 1 month and 10 days the buyer suddenly canceled the order from customer support.

this is not fair there must be some strict rules regarding this

I agree with you, it’s really sad for a salesperson

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