After how many days did you get your 1st client?



I joined fiverr in 2011.
At that time i did buy some service from here. Now i am myself looking for some work.
Its been 24hrs , i have been active here and still i don’t have any requests. {Not ranting just asking}

So after how many hours/days did you get your 1st client after joining fiverr.


It does take a while unless you’re very lucky. It also depends on your Gig and if it’s targeting a specific niche.


My first sale was about a month, but only a week after i posted that specific gig.


My first sale was the day after I joined! How that happened, I have no clue, lol. I just got my second gig yesterday, 2 weeks after the first. Working on a possible 3rd gig today, once I hear back from the potential buyer! :blush:


It takes sometime. Got one or two months after.