After how many gigs with 100% rating person can reach Top Seller ? just for an idea


After how many gigs with 100% rating person can reach Top Seller ? just for an idea.


After 10 gigs with 100% rating


You also need to have been a member for at least 30 days.


Sorry typo i was asking top seller actually. lol




Reply to @kjblynx:

Definitely some really good tips. However, I don’t think the 100+ sales per month is a caveat to obtaining TRS. I’ve completely approximately 560 orders (spread over 12 months), and got promoted to TRS yesterday. That’s around 47 sales per month (on average). Having said that, my average selling price is currently $11/12, so maybe that has something to do with it.




There is no criteria.

Top rated seller is the most mis-named thing on Fiverr.

It’s up to Fiverr, the editors. Being top rated has nothing to do with becoming a Top rated seller.

For example. Any kind of social media/seo gigs will never see Top Rated Seller.

Best example. I have thousands of completed gigs. I don’t have any negatives. None. But I’ll never become a top rated seller.

Like I said. The only ‘Real’ criteria is the Fiverr Editors.

The name should be changed from ‘Top Rated Seller’ to ‘Fiverrs picks’ or something. Since being ‘Top Rated’ will not get you a ‘Top Rated Seller’ badge.

bigbadbilly said:
The name should be changed from 'Top Rated Seller' to 'Fiverrs picks' or something. Since being 'Top Rated' will not get you a 'Top Rated Seller' badge.

While I agree the name could be clearer for an honorary title. If you agree that the "Fiverr Editors" are rating us. Then we are still top rated. And we're still sellers.


I don’t quite understand the second part of what you wrote.

All I’m saying is the TRS’s are chosen by the Fiverr brass. That’s why you see TRS’s with almost no sales sometimes. They were chosen based on their gig.

Now, I should clarify. If you don’t do a hell of a good job, keep your ratings up and everything else… You’re not going to become a TRS. But in the end, although your Stats and sales are factors, a Fiverr Staff member has to choose you to become a TRS.

And certain areas of Fiverr such as SEO work, stuff like that will never be chosen as a TRS. No matter how many sales you get, or how good your feedback is.

This is right from the horses mouth.

So. Basically. It’s very misleading. Since, upon reading a “Top Rated Seller” I would assume they earned that badge by being… A Top Rated Seller. Makes sense right?

But that’s not the case at all. Completely opposite in fact. You are individually chosen to get the badge. No matter the amount of sales you have, or your rating. (Again, to a point… nobodies going to choose a Top Rated Seller if they don’t have a good rating).

Like I said. And you agreed @anarchofighter. The name should be a better, more suited one.


It seems, still, there is no accurate information for the top rated badge, I see many Top-rated sellers even has the low rating. Maybe they got the low rating after they already got the badge.