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After how many hours we can send offers to buyers?

After sending the 10 offers of a day how to time it takes so we can again send offers to buyers ??


Midnight every day. 24 hours.

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@marinapomorac If I am not wrong you are saying that after sending 10 offers of a day at any time I can send offers again at same time next day …Please correct me if I am wrong


You have a clock, a time zone of your country. You have midnight 00:00 that is the moment day starts.
From that time you have 24 hours to send 10 BR.

If you wait until 23:55 you can send 10 BR in five minutes then 00:00 you can send another 10 BR.

Every day (24 hours) 10 BR. It is not connected with time you start sending.


@marinapomorac In my country mid night is past . Right now the time in my country is 2:29 am or you can say 2 hours and 23 mins past than 00:00 or mid night . but still I am not able to send requests.

Then the server your internet provider is connecting to is not in your country.

So you have to wait for midnight to come to your internet provider server.

Thanks for the info. @marinapomorac But please can you explain what you have written in the perspective of server. I am not getting
Thanks for help

You are using internet, correct?

The company that is giving you internet is using server and other devices. These devices are set to standard time zone.

If you have 2am I have 10PM, so you probably have to wait 2-4 hours for resetting time.

Oh ok . got it but there is any way to set the time by own or send request to the company or it is not changeable.

Don’t get hung up about this. Have some sleep and try again when you wake up in the morning.

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@lloydsolutions thanks for the suggestion ( I already took some rest and now I wakeup). I am asking about this because I spent 6 days only on Fiverr I am new. so I got buyer requests but not able to send offers. So there is no one from whom I can ask but this platform is my only hope.

If you type “buyer requests in pakistan” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find helpful.

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Did you watch these?

No you can’t set time. You get 10 BR every 24 hours, and that time is reset every midnight, but for your time zone that happens around 4-6 AM maybe.

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Ok. Thanks for the help. I am waiting for that. How much time the Buyer has replied or accepts the offer?

Infinite. He can accept the offer forever.

Every 24h you can send 10 offers to buyer requests

You can only send 10 offers a calendar day. It means every 24 hour

it take 24 hours to make next offer

@markauther Can you tell me in Pakistan. what is time starting to give offers

it depends upon your last sent offer