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After I cancel an order, I am not receiving any new one

Last month I completed an order. After that, the buyer asks for a refund without asking for any revisions. I told him to tell me what was wrong as I could make some changes and also make a new one for him. However, he did not want to tell me what was wrong. So to avoid any dispute I cancel the order and buyer was refund.
From there, I am not getting any new orders on Fiverr. Before I cancel the order, i was receiving at least one order every week.

If any one know how to fix that let me know
Thank you in advance


Some of my buyers put dispute on the delivery without asking any revision that’s why I am not getting any order regularly.
So I am facing the same issue.
But don’t know how to fix this issue.
Although my response rate, delivery time , order completion and rating are 100% ok now.

Actually that’s the same situation as mine! But my buyer directly gave me 1 star because he lost his 3 days for choosing for decline or accept process and wanted me to code his website which is not my job and I do not offer that service. And now I will lose my level 1 too because of him.