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After I changed my gig name and details , I cannot find my gig indexed and I have 0 impression?

I created my first gig 2 week before , it was killing the first week and I got 13 orders just in one week. My impressions were somewhere like 1K in just one week.
After that I change the gig name and gig details few time . Since I updated the gig , I have 0 impressions , 0 views , 0 orders . !
I also cannot find my gig indexed , even if I search exactly with the same name ?


If you edit your gigs, you lost your gig rank.

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Never change your gig title, instead create a new gig with the title you are trying to use. When you first create the gig, the URL for that gig is created with the title of your gig (preview your gig and see the URL, you’ll get it). When the title is changed later, the URL doesn’t change. Therefore the Fiverr search algorithm doesn’t find your gig for showing in the search results because of this irrelevance. Try changing the gig title to the previously used title.

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I changed the title to the previous one . But I read somewhere that it needs 3 days for Fiverr to update the gig and rank again . Is that true ?