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After I was ranked as a level 2 seller no orders!

After I was ranked as a level 2 seller no orders!!!
Before being a level two seller I got 3-5 orders per day. But Now as a level two seller I’m getting only one or no order per day. Why this happens??Can you help me:)


It might not be connected to your levels at all. Fiverr is rotating gigs in search and they don’t promise any specific amount of orders or a steady flow of orders all the time.


Just wait , i hope you get lot of order asap.good wish for you men :heart_eyes:

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As @mariashtelle1 has said, it’s unlikely to do with your level, although I understand why you would think it is a coincidence.

I can go several days without an order (which I quite enjoy!) and then have 3 or 4 orders come along at once. A couple of moths ago I had 7 orders in the space of 48 hours which was a bit of fun and also stressful.

I never bother checking where my gig ranks in the search results, and page impressions, etc. They’re stats that you can’t control, and in my humble opinion it is only the desperate who use these figures to justify why they’re not getting work.

Although I enjoy working on Fiverr, the content of your post is the exact reason that I don’t rely on Fiverr as my only source of income. There are way too many variables outside of your control. One moment you can be getting orders, and the next moment you can have nothing.

As we say in England, never put all your eggs in one basket.



This advice from @english_voice is incredibly helpful!

Focus on what you can control, continue to provide the best value possible for your buyers, and don’t put too much stock into one undertaking.

In my honest opinion, focusing too much on the algorithm or gig rotation only leads to frustration. As a better practice, you could make small changes and wait to see what impact they have on your overall order volume.

Good luck! :blush:



Before getting level 2 I had close to 5-12 orders in the queue.But now only one order.Anyway thank you so much for the great advice

Thank you so much :grinning:

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Yes we read that :wink: you don’t have to repeat it for us :woman_shrugging: We are perfectly capable of reading what you wrote from the first time.

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So if you have time can you go through my Gig and tell me what are the mistakes I have done.I really appreciate it:)

Why do you think you made mistakes if you already made it to level 2 seller?

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Sometimes I feel like that :neutral_face:

I think it’s happend to almost everyone…,
Fiverr change the system over and over, and make us get less order everyone there is an update
But it will bounce back after time.
and i think there is a connection with current world pandemic, make people save money and not ordering.


Thank you so much for your reply.Let’s think everything will be fine:)