After Level 1 but before Level 2


The back story is that after two months of slow growth I am seeing an exponential growth in my gigs. In absolute terms though, the number is insignificant (like 2-4 a day). I am more interested in the rate of growth. I feel like I have gotten past the 0 to 1 stage and now I’m onto 1 to N. So to seasoned veterans I ask:

Should I expect my trajectory to decline, increase, or flatten out as time passes by (all else being equal)?

Was your growth from level 1 to 2 linear, exponential, or like a sin curve?


Hi and welcome to Fiverr glad you are doing well with your gig(s). There is no formula and everyone experience is different. My Suggestion is for your to continue to do great work and make sure you are marketing your gig, Fievrr is work to be successful. Good Luck


The amount of orders you get will fluctuate. For more creative gigs (as an example) it tends to rise around Christmastime, but there will always be a steady income. For you it will be different to how it will be for another, and so on. If you keep working at it, you’ll find out for yourself :smiley:


Thanks! @boslass it looks like you were right! I’m getting a steady order of 2 a day. As long as I can sustain that, I can make some predictions about my future estimates.


It ebbs and flows :slight_smile: Freestyler

Want to know a sure-fire way to make sales? (And a sure-fire way to have no more sales?)

It’s simple: Be here a year from now doing it… You will make sales (lots of them).

Getting no sales is easy to: Quit.

I think you know which side I’m on for YOU.


@anarchofighter Thanks! You’re right and you’ve given me the motivation to get off the forums, stop dragging my feet and get back to work. I hope all the best for you! :slight_smile: