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After level 1 no orders

I am a level 1 seller. I used to get 3-4 order daily but now my gig is not showing in search and I am not getting any order from my new buyers. I don’t know when will the problem fix or working on fiverr is going to be hard.

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I’ve been on Fiverr since 2010 and if there is one thing I have noticed, orders will come in waves. Fluctuations are normal. I recommend looking through buyer requests during down times. Share your gig on social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. ). Try and be patient even though it’s tough waiting. Make sure you have the mobile app and you are set to online. Refresh your dashboard every now and then so the system knows you are still online! Good luck!


Except, if her gig isn’t showing in the search that may be a genuine issue. If you’ve adjusted your gig recently it can genuinely get stuck in “processing” stage and will not show to anyone. If this is the case - contact customer service and they will help :slight_smile:

Totally! I actually had a similar issue and my ticket is still open with Fiverr Support. My gig appears to be appear and disappear from Fiverr search with no explanation. Fiverr Support acknowledged the issue and have been working on it for a few months now. I’ve experienced a major reduction in sales, but they keep saying they are working on it. I’ve checked in every 2 weeks or so.

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So strange! Have you tried using an incognito window? It may just be due to different phrases.

Yes, I have tried that and even selected very specific filters that have always brought up my profile. It’s really odd. It’s disappointing because ever since I noticed the issue, my sales have dropped by about 75%! I am glad that Fiverr support have acknowledged the issue at least. Hoping for a quick resolution. There are others that this is happening to as well!


thanks for your reply, but i can see my gig in search results but amazingly not a single order on that gig.